About Hoekmine BV

We are biotechnology company located within the iLab located within the Hogeschool Utrecht. Facilities include ML2 laboratories and a dedicated bioinformatics server.

Scope and Services

Hoekmine views microorganisms as complex structured communities. Complex microbial structures can be used to derive new optical materials and living biosensors.

Projects and Collaborators

Iridescence: Creation of new structural colours to create new optical materials via biomimetics/nanofabrication by the genetic manipulation of bacterial. Collaborators: Vignolini Group, dept. Chemistry, Cambridge University, UK.

News Feb 22nd 2018: Paper published demonstrating first extensive investigation of the genes underlying structural colour. Joint between Hoekmine BV and Cambridge.

Johansen, V.E., Catón, L., Hamidjaja, R., Oosterink, E., Wilts, B.D., Rasmussen, T.S., Sherlock, M.M., Ingham, C.J. and Vignolini, S., 2018. Genetic manipulation of structural color in bacterial colonies. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, p.201716214.


Dr Colin Ingham -- CEO

Laura Caton: Scientist.